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Bianco - Pool Pump - CLP5001
Bianco - Pool Pump - CLP5001

The Bianco BIA-CLP5001 Pool Pump provides strong and quiet pumping performance in a compact, easy to install package. Self priming for ease of use. Constructed of strong corrosion and U.V. resistant materials for long and reliable working life. Powerful pumping performance delivers flow rates for rapid water turnover.
Easy to remove, see-through strainer lid allows easy removal of debris. Large strainer basket allows long intervals between cleaning. 2m power lead with 10amp Australian three pin plug fitted to all models. Drain plug enables pump casing to be drained for easy maintenance. Heavy duty totally enclosed fan cooled double insulated motor. Electrically approved safe installation in the pool zone. Built-in thermal overload protects the motor against damage from overheating. Every unit is pressure and performance tested in factory ensuring quality and reliability. Barrel Unions included for ease of installation and service (FCP).

BIA-CLP5001  - 

  • Above ground pools & spas
  • Flows to 150 l/m
  • Heads to 10m
  • Pool size <27,000ltr
  • 40mm / 1½” Ports
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Speck - Pool & Spa Pump - Super 90 Series
Speck - Pool & Spa Pump -  Super 90 Series

The Speck Super 90 Series is the all-round swimming pool and spa pump. With its great performance it is the ultimate choice for pools and spas with a wide range of applications including solar heating and use with automatic pool cleaners. Features include a high resistance to corrosion and salt water, maximum effectiveness at low power input, the ultimate in reliability, stability at high fluid temperatures, no contact between motor and pump shaft with pool or spa water, highest quality mechanical seal, fan cooled - suitable for high ambient temperatures, closed impeller, easy to remove motor, easy to remove clear strainer lid, plastic handle supplied, Every pump factory wet tested for quality control, Reinforced 50mm inlet and 40mm outlet .


  • Max. Flow 230 l/hr
  • Max. Head 0.6m
  • 1.0 hp
  • 1000 Watts


  • Max. Flow 350 l/hr
  • Max. Head 0.6m
  • 1.25 hp
  • 1100 Watts


  • Max. Flow 400 l/hr
  • Max. Head 0.6m
  • 1.5 hp
  • 1300 Watts


  • Max. Flow 500 l/hr
  • Max. Head 0.6m
  • 2.0 hp
  • 1500 Watts
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Speck - Pool Pump - Badu Eco Touch 3-Speed
Speck - Pool Pump - Badu Eco Touch 3-Speed

The Badu Eco-Touch 3-speed series pool pump is a high performance Green Energy saving pump with lower energy emissions and a lower carbon footprint enables the owner to save up to 80% on energy costs depending on the level of operation. Suitable for swimming pools with salt water up to 5000ppm. Capable of accommodating a cleaner at low speed.

3 speeds - 1900 rpm (filtration and circulation), 2410 rpm (manual vacuuming) or 2850 rpm (high speed for more efficient backwashing)

Badu Eco-Touch 3-Speed Super Saver (8 Star Energy Rating) SPECIAL

  • 3-speed
  • Energy Saving
  • Lower noise levels
  • 3-speed
  • Flow 325 l/hr
  • Max. Head 0.6m
  • 3.0 hp


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