Tapping Saddle - Rural / Metric

Rural/Metric - 40mm x ¾”$10.15Make Enquiry
Rural/Metric - 40mm x 1”$10.15Make Enquiry
Rural Only - 50mm x ¾” $13.70Make Enquiry
Rural Only - 50mm x 1” $13.70Make Enquiry
Rural/Metric 50mm x 1 ¼”$13.70Make Enquiry
Product Description

Plasson Rural or Metric Poly Fitting - Tapping Saddle is a 2 piece "saddle" that is easily installed on new or existing pipe.   When installed and the hole drilled into the pipe, a saddle provides an outlet from the pipe through the Female BSP Thread.   It is a good idea to drill a hole slightly smaller then the female BSP thread size using a "Spade" drill bit.   The spade bit has a very sharp point which will not slip when you're drilling.  

Rural saddles are rated to 630 kPa the same as the pipe.