DAB - Stainless Steel Multistage Electronic Variable Speed Constant Pressure Pump

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Product Description

The DAB-EUROINOX-40/80MAD Stainless Steel Electronic Variable Speed Constant Pressure Water Pump is an innovative variable speed electric pressure pump integrated control system, capable of maintaining a constant pressure in relation to the varied flow rates. The set pressure can be adjusted and the various settings and related error warnings can be viewed, thanks to a simple and immediate user interface. Greater energy saving. Greater noise reduction. Eliminates overpressures. Increased lifespan of the electric pump. Protection against dry-running. Amperometric protection Electric pump overheating protection.  Protection against abnormal power supply voltages. characteristics of water. Suitable for large homes, irrigation systems, caravan parks, schools, amenity blocks and small unit blocks. Innovative, modern design. Easy and rapid maintenance. All components in contact with drinkable water are completely stainless steel.


  • Large House - 12 taps
  • Max. Flow 120 l/m
  • Max. Head 59m
  • Max Pressure  590 kPa
  • 25mm / 1" BSPF In Port
  • 40mm / 1½” BSPF Out Port