Mono Pumps Sun-Sub

Solar Powered Submersible Watering System (Sun-Sub)


Product Description:

The ‘Sun-Sub’ submersible pump system is a solar-powered system designed to efficiently and reliably transfer water from bores, springs, rivers, tanks and dams. The system draws energy from the sun and is completely self-contained, eliminating the need for diesel fuel or AC power. Components are low maintenance, designed for use in solar-powered pumping systems and highly efficient to maximise water output. Supplied as a complete package, the Sun-Sub system is easy to install and use. This system has high daily flows with discharge pressure up to 150 meters and can be easily automated using a float switch, pressure kit or built in electronic pressure control suitable for use in 100mm (4” or larger) bore holes. Suitable for water extraction from bore holes, de-watering, wells, creeks & streams, general water transfer, irrigation, tube wells, watering stock, remote water location, aqua culture and old windmill sites. Available either stationary or with GPS tracking. The GPS sun tracker will ensure the panels have the best angle towards the sun throughout the day, and will place the panels in a neutral position at night to minimize possible damage caused by high winds, and in the morning return to start tracking sun again. This can increase your systems yield by up to 30%. Designed to withstand 140 km/hr winds and can be easily modified to withstand 210 km/hr winds.

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