Bianco - Light Construction De-Watering Pump

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Product Description

The Bianco BIA-AHS series Light Construction De-Watering Pump is a submersible drainage pump with float for automatic operation. The urethane coated semi vortex impeller allows pumping of suspended solids sandy and stringy material, handling particles up to 25mm x 10mm. The agitator on the end of the pump shaft helps prevent air locking and clogging. Suitable for construction sites, storm water, basements. Cast Iron pump body and corrosion resistant pump components.


  • 0.55 hp
  • Max. Flow 220 l/m
  • Max. Head 12m
  • 50mm / 2" BSPF Outlet Port


  • 1.0 hp
  • Max. Flow 350 l/m
  • Max. Head 18m
  • 50mm / 2" BSPF Outlet Port