Solar P.V Grid Connect

Mansfield Pump Shop & Electrical are committed to making solar power the preferred option for all our electrical energy requirements, providing our customers with the latest world-class quality Solar Grid Connect Systems.

Our fully qualified in-house design and installation team can look after all of your Solar P.V Grid Connect requirements ensuring that your system is designed for optimal efficiency.

We offer installation of a world-class range of Photo Voltaic (P.V) modules and inverters, ensuring the strength and backing of our suppliers is second to none, delivering competitive solutions for large, medium and small P.V Power Grid Connect Systems.

For the large power plants we partner with engineers, construction firms and qualified tradesmen to manage and over-see the project through to completion.

If you would like to discuss your options for connecting a Solar P.V System or would like to obtain a free quote please contact us.

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PV Solar System