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Automatic Tank Vacuum System
Automatic Tank Vacuum System

The Rain Harvesting Automatic Tank Vacuum System is designed to fit ALL types of water tanks including Corrugated, Poly or Fibreglass and Concrete. Fine sediment, which can contain harmful bacteria and heavy metals, eventually builds up in the bottom of rainwater tanks. This patented system automatically vacuums the sediment off the bottom of the tank in the area of the outtake pipe everytime the tank overflows.


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Dual Level Reservoir Valve - Automatic Water Tank Filling
Dual Level Reservoir Valve - Automatic Water Tank Filling

The Dual Level Reservoir Valve or The Double Acting Ball Valve is designed to eliminate pump motor overload and enable the water level to fall between 65mm and 270mm before the valve opens.  


Available 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or 2"

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Inline Poly Screen and Disc Filters
Inline Poly Screen and Disc Filters

We stock Winnow & Azud In-line Screen and Disc Filters as well as mesh and disc cartridge inserts to suit the following:


Threaded Disc Filters

¾"     130 Micron

1”       130 Micron

 1 ¼”   130 Micron

 1 ½”   130 Micron

 2”        130 Micron


Threaded Screen Filters

¾"     75 Mesh

¾"     120 Mesh

¾"     150 Mesh

1”       75 Mesh

1”       120 Mesh

1”       150 Mesh

 1 ¼”   35 Mesh

1 ¼”   75 Mesh

1 ¼”   120 Mesh

1 ¼”   150 Mesh

1 ½”   35 Mesh

1 ½”    75 Mesh

1 ½”    120 Mesh

1 ½”    150 Mesh

2”   35 Mesh

2”    75 Mesh

2”    120 Mesh

2"    150 Mesh



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Leaf Eater - The Ultimate High Performace Rain Head
Leaf Eater - The Ultimate High Performace Rain Head

The Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater is the Ultimate High Performace Rain Head is great for general stormwater applications where blocked gutters can cause flooding to the eaves into the wall cavity of the home. Even  when rainwater is not being collected in tanks it is advisable to fit the Leaf Eater rain head to ensure gutters and downpipes do not block up with leaves and debris. This will also help prevent the eaves from flooding. In this application the secondary stainless steel screen  (Mozzie Screen) can be removed, however the plastic screen frame must be refitted to the primary screen to rest on.

Leaves and debris that build up can be flammable and represent a significant fire risk. By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazzard.

No more Blocked Gutters!

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Levetator Tank Gauge
Levetator Tank Gauge

The Yaktek Levetator Tank Gauge weighted float and indicator are connected to the counterweight by separate cords, each cord running over a pair of pulleys. When the float is half-immersed everything is balanced. Rising liquid level lifts the float up, the counterweight moves down, and the indicator keeps pace with the float. Falling liquid levels causes the weighted float to pull the counterweight up, and again, the indicator keeps pace with the float. At all times the indicator matches the liquid level exactly.Unlike homemade water level gauges that read back to front, the Levetator shows the actual water level. What you see is what you have. No gimmicks, no batteries, just a simple float/weight/pulley system. Year in, year out, the Levetator water level gauge provides reliable service thanks to quality materials and large free-running pulleys.

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Tank Gauge with Water Level Indicator
Tank Gauge with Water Level Indicator

Tank Gauge with Water Level Indicator makes monitoring your rain water easier. Suitable for all vented tanks up to 2.5m (100 inches) in height and is able to be securely installed on a wide range of tank shapes and can be calibrated to all tanks. No batteries or wiring required,

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Tank Guardian - Tank Screen
Tank Guardian - Tank Screen

Whilst tank screens will further filter out leaves and debris, rain heads should be fitted at each downpipe that supplies water to the tank, and first flush water diverters should be fitted ‘upstream’ of the tank screen to optimise water quality. The Rain Harvesting Tank Guardian  Tank Screen should provide the final point of protection not the only barrier for leaves, debris and pests. Tank screens must be secured to the tank to ensure it remains in place. Unless rainwater enters the tank through pipes that are connected directly to the top or side of the tank, you must ensure all water passes through a tank screen at tank entry point. The tank screen must include a non-corrosive screen of not more than 1mm to keep mosquitoes and pests out.

  • Mosquito proof 316 stainless steel mesh with 0.955 aperture
  • UV stabilised polypropylene
    (400mm Large is UV stabilised HDPE)


200mm Tank Guardian Primary Screen


300mm Tank Guardian Primary Screen



400mm Regular Fit Tank Guardian Primary Screen



400mm Large Fit Tank Guardian Primary Screen


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WaterCheck™ - DIY Water Test Kit For Coliforms incl. E. coli
WaterCheck™ - DIY Water Test Kit For Coliforms incl. E. coli

The WaterCheck™ test kit is a screening tool to detect sewage contamination in water. The test determines the presence or absence of coliforms and E.coli bacteria, indicative of fecal pollution. WaterCheck™ is sensitive enough to detect a single colony forming unit (cfu) per 100 ml of water. It is simple to perform, easy to interpret and requires minimal preparation.


Why Test My Water For Coliforms?

Coliforms are biological indicators of fecal pollution, present where disease causing pathogens are found. Safe Drinking Water Objectives in most jurisdictions require an absence of coliforms per 100ml of drinking water. The WaterCheck™ test kit is an easy, effective way to check if your families drinking water meets this objective.



WaterCheck™ is based on the unique ability of coliform bacteria to utilize specialized nutrients and reagents to form a distinctive blue-green colour. The presence or absence of a single cfu of coliform/E.coli in water is an international standard measure to determine safe drinking water. If the water sample is contaminated with just a single cfu, a visible blue-green colour will develop.



1. Run tap water for 2 to 3 minutes. Tear perforated strip and open bag by pulling white tabs. Fill bag with water, up to the fill line (Approximately 100 ml). Do not touch inside of bag.

2. Remove excess air and roll bag four or five times around wire strip. Bend wires to seal.

3. Remove divider clip. Mix powder into water until completely dissolved (10 to 30 seconds).

4. Place bag out of the children's reach and let sit for two to three days at room temperature.

OBSERVE COLOUR: Yellow: No Coliforms detected. Blue/Green: Water may be unsafe to drink. Coliform bacteria often originate from non sewage sources, and do not necessarily, but may, imply a health hazard, contact your local Health unit.


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Tank Safe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier
Tank Safe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier

Puretec Ecotrol Tank Safe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier is an innovative product that can kill up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses in your rainwater ensuring your stored water supply is safe for consumption. Tank Safe is an alternative dosing to chlorine. It is tasteless, odourless and chlorine free, designed specifically for tank water disinfection.

Tank safe is non-toxic. While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some even known as carcinogens) Tank Safe will stay in your tank and keep it protected from bacteria and pathogens for up to 2 months.

Tank Safe Test Strips are available to monitor the Ph levels of your rainwater.

If you suspect that bacteria, coliforms or E. coli may be present in your rainwater we recommend using the Water Check Do It Yourself Test Kit for Coliforms and E. Coli rrp $19.90 incl. G.S.T

Water Check Do It Yourself Test Kit


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