Leaf Eater - The Ultimate High Performace Rain Head

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Product Description

The Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater is the Ultimate High Performace Rain Head is great for general stormwater applications where blocked gutters can cause flooding to the eaves into the wall cavity of the home. Even  when rainwater is not being collected in tanks it is advisable to fit the Leaf Eater rain head to ensure gutters and downpipes do not block up with leaves and debris. This will also help prevent the eaves from flooding. In this application the secondary stainless steel screen  (Mozzie Screen) can be removed, however the plastic screen frame must be refitted to the primary screen to rest on.

Leaves and debris that build up can be flammable and represent a significant fire risk. By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazzard.

No more Blocked Gutters!