WaterCheck™ - DIY Water Test Kit For Coliforms incl. E. coli

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Product Description

The WaterCheck™ test kit is a screening tool to detect sewage contamination in water. The test determines the presence or absence of coliforms and E.coli bacteria, indicative of fecal pollution. WaterCheck™ is sensitive enough to detect a single colony forming unit (cfu) per 100 ml of water. It is simple to perform, easy to interpret and requires minimal preparation.


Why Test My Water For Coliforms?

Coliforms are biological indicators of fecal pollution, present where disease causing pathogens are found. Safe Drinking Water Objectives in most jurisdictions require an absence of coliforms per 100ml of drinking water. The WaterCheck™ test kit is an easy, effective way to check if your families drinking water meets this objective.



WaterCheck™ is based on the unique ability of coliform bacteria to utilize specialized nutrients and reagents to form a distinctive blue-green colour. The presence or absence of a single cfu of coliform/E.coli in water is an international standard measure to determine safe drinking water. If the water sample is contaminated with just a single cfu, a visible blue-green colour will develop.



1. Run tap water for 2 to 3 minutes. Tear perforated strip and open bag by pulling white tabs. Fill bag with water, up to the fill line (Approximately 100 ml). Do not touch inside of bag.

2. Remove excess air and roll bag four or five times around wire strip. Bend wires to seal.

3. Remove divider clip. Mix powder into water until completely dissolved (10 to 30 seconds).

4. Place bag out of the children's reach and let sit for two to three days at room temperature.

OBSERVE COLOUR: Yellow: No Coliforms detected. Blue/Green: Water may be unsafe to drink. Coliform bacteria often originate from non sewage sources, and do not necessarily, but may, imply a health hazard, contact your local Health unit.